Something As Simple

Something As Simple
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Something As Simple is quintessential, live CW! Recorded live and solo at the Passim Cultural Center in Cambridge, MA this record includes the rhythmic guitar style Williams is known for, the electrifying djembe hand drum, the soaring vocals and for the first time captured on a live CD, his unique, personable and humorous story telling. It picks up where Side Streets - Live left off and gives you a front row seat to a CW live experience.

01. Deep Blue Sea
02. All Of Me
03. Ejection Seat Story
04. Circus
05. Hamilton GA story
06. Anything But Fail
07. Found
08. When It Don't Come Easy
09. Glimmering Gates Misfire
10. Glimmering Gates
11. Did Not Draw
12. Something As Simple story
13. Holy Ground
14. Throw It All Away
15. Your Love
16. Jesus Gonna Be Here

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Produced by Christopher Williams
Engineered and Recorded by Thomas Eaton -
Additional engineering by Paul Eckberg, Nashville, TN
Mixed and Mastered by Richie Biggs at The Art House, Nashville, TN