Street Team

CDubREP’s is a great way to get more involved on the grassroots level if you are excited about and believe in CW’s music and want others to be excited as well. Being the independent guy that he is, it is crucial to have folks like yourself involved in this effort and yes, it does involve some work, but there are some cool perks, as well as the satisfaction of knowing you are helping CW gather more fans in your area and beyond.

the basics…


• Help promote the upcoming CW show in your area by posting and/or handing out flyers. The flyers can be found at the PRESS link above and downloaded there – with space at the bottom for you to fill in the specific info for each gig and then photocopy to your hearts content. Post them/hand them out at your school/college, workplace, record stores, coffee shops, music stores and other concerts in your area. be creative, but be legal

• For some gigs we may also send out color postcards that are a little better for handing out at other shows…

At shows

• Help us in a big way by selling cds and merchandise. This is on an as needed basis and we may also ask for help passing out postcards or materials after the show.

On the web

• Spread the word about CW’s music in cyberspace by logging on to the message board/chat groups of your other favorite artists as well as on CW’s discussion board.


If you have any questions, comments, ideas, concerns… please contact the CDubREPs coordinator Emily at




CDubREP Perks

• Receiving copies of unreleased CW live recordings and bootlegs

• Guest privileges for selling merch at certain shows in your area…when available